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The TradingTeck trading platform puts the latest investment technology at your fingertips. Our fully customisable dashboard connects you to the world’s biggest markets, and supplies you with a continual stream of live data, news and analysis, charts and trading signals. The TradingTeck trading platform is one of the few platforms that succeeds in delivering the flexibility, precision, and speed that modern traders expect.

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Trade over 1,000 Global Assets as CFDs

CFDs are rapidly becoming the number one investment choice for independent traders. TradingTeck clients have 24 hour access to over 1,000 of the world’s best known financial assets, including stocks, commodities, currencies, indices and crypto currencies. The TradingTeck platform gives you full control over your CFD trades and allows you to enter multiple markets simultaneously. TradingTeck clients can draw on up to x200 leverage and enjoy fixed low cost spreads. CFD trading is entirely transparent and all traders are entitled to a free demo account to practice trading, explore new assets, and develop effective strategies.

TradingTeck Delivers a Solid Trading Foundation

There are three prerequisites for successful trading:

The TradingTeck platform combines state of the art trading tools ,with the latest market data, to bring you an unrivalled trading experience.

Professional Development

TradingTeck allows you to develop your trading skills and build your portfolio by systematically analysing your own performance. Our sophisticated analysis system produces 5 detailed reports that are readily accessible via your dashboard. The reports are easy to read and clearly highlight your strengths and weaknesses as a trader. You will be able to quickly adjust your trading patterns and evaluate new strategies. All traders receive the following reports:

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